• 1 change of clothes in a bag (labled with child's name)

    Please make sure clothes are appropriate for any season!


    1 bookbag without wheels  bookbag


    1 supply box  supply box          


    1 yellow marker   yellow marker                


    12 sharpened pencils sharpened pencils



    1 pink eraser pink eraser         


    1 box Crayola crayons (no more than 24)  Crayola crayons      


    1 school scissors  school scissors


    3 glue sticks   glue sticks      


    1 2 pocket folder    2 pocket folder                  


    2 writing paper tablets with primary lines        writing paper with primary lines        


    1 Spill Proof Water Bottle   spill proof water bottle


    1 earphones for iPad (not earbuds)  earphones for iPad


    1 stylus for iPad (if possible)   Stylus for iPad (if possible)