• Please be sure to read this information regarding the plan to test students for the Pre-ACT. 

    I. Transportation

    • Transportation preferences should be indicated on the registration form by November 9.
    • Bus transportation will be provided for all 10th graders & 9th or 11th graders who paid for testing.
      • Students who will participate in Pre-ACT testing will be dropped off at the school for normal HS bus arrival time.
      • Buses will ONLY RUN IN THE AFTERNOON according to the normal schedule; if you are a remote learner and ride the bus, you will be expected to attend your classes until the bus takes you home in the afternoon.
    • Students may arrive via private vehicle and should be dropped off in the front of the building.
      • Students using private transportation should expect to be picked up around noon.

    II. Meals

    • Breakfast and lunch service will be available for students who come to school for testing.
      • Students who would like one or both meals on testing day should indicate their preferences on the registration form.
    • Students who are not planning to eat a lunch provided by the school will be asked to leave immediately after testing is dismissed or to return to their regularly scheduled class.

    III. Testing Locations

    • Students testing for the Pre-ACT MUST take the test in the building; ACT has no modification for testing remotely.
    • Students will test in the Auxiliary gym for the large-group testing administration. Students with accommodations will test in a classroom.
    • Classrooms and desks will be sanitized prior to and after testing occurs.

    IV. Testing procedures

    • Students should plan to arrive to their testing location by 8:00 am
      • All testers will be informed of their testing location prior to testing day.
      • Adults will be available to assist students in finding their testing location
    • Students will be seated at a minimum of 6 feet apart for testing.
    • All students entering the building are required to wear a mask at all times.
      • Any student who refuses to comply with the mask protocol will be asked to leave the testing location and will be seated in ISS. 
    • Restrooms will be made available for use during designated breaks and during testing for all students
      • The numbers of students permitted to enter the restroom at the same time will be limited to enforce social distancing protocol.
    • Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer each time they enter the testing area.

    V. Other Concerns

    • Any student who is not feeling well or is displaying signs or symptoms of illness should stay at home and not test.
      • Please contact Ms. McCormick Floyd via email on the morning of the test if you must cancel your testing plans. You will receive a response by the end of the day after testing is completed regarding options for a refund if you have paid for the test.
    • All phones and electronics must be TURNED OFF and removed from the student's possession in accordance with policy.
    • You may reach Ms. McCormick Floyd by email with your questions if you click here.