• 2020 LHS TOTY
    Subject(s) taught - Exceptional Student Education – Small Group Teacher
    Years in profession - 12
    Years in Henry County Schools - 12
    Favorite memory/moment in career - "My favorite moments remain the opportunities where I had the pleasure of assisting a student across the stage at graduation. In knowing the hard work and dedication necessary for graduating and sharing in that celebration are moments of joy. In special education we thrive to provide opportunities where students understand their value and know that they are important. Graduation is the ultimate celebration of themselves as an individual!"
    Fun Fact -   "In fifth grade I was chosen as a top basketball player in the state of Maryland. This provided me with the opportunity to play on the Washington Bullets court and attend a Bullets game. For a couple of hours, we were just like our idols while pretending to be famous NBA players in competition for that coveted championship trophy. After the game we met our favorite NBA players and obtained their autographs!"
    Dream vacation - Santorini, Greece. Staying in a cubiform house that sits on the cliff overlooking the sea
    Favorite Book - Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
    Favorite movie - Field of Dreams
    Favorite food - Pizza and Waffles
    Favorite color - Green
    Saying you use the most - "(Students repeat) I am Loved, I am Smart, I am Important we aim to say this on a daily basis and have it posted on the classroom wall to remind students that they are valued! "