• 2020LMS TOTY
    Subject(s) taught - 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    Years in profession - 5
    Years in Henry County Schools - 3
    Favorite memory/moment in career - "One of my favorite moments as a teacher occurred when one of my previous students reached out to me and told me that he graduated high school after overcoming so many personal obstacles. He said that he was proud to be able to tell me that he would be continuing his education at a prestigious university. He continued to tell me that I was a great influence on his life and that he appreciated my continuous help in motivating him. He was one of my very first students that I taught and to know that he was impacted by something that I did or/and said is very rewarding."
    Fun Fact -   "I am an independent recording gospel music artist."
    Dream vacation - Egypt - Visiting the Pyramids
    Favorite Book - The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom
    Favorite movie - Halloween
    Favorite food - Red Velvet Cake
    Favorite color - Blue
    Saying you use the most - "Stop! Be yourself! Change your attitude and make good decisions! We are intelligent beings!"