• 2020 ELMS TOTY
    Subject(s) taught - 6th Grade Mathematics Teacher
    Years in profession - 24
    Years in Henry County Schools - 1
    Favorite memory/moment in career - "One of my favorite memories as a teacher has to be when I received a letter of appreciation from a student I taught 18 years later. Last year I contemplated changing careers, however her letter inspired me to continue teaching with passion and enthusiasm."
    Fun Fact -   "A fun fact, I can say my alphabets backwards as fast as I can in order. "
    Dream vacation - My dream vacation would be in Dubai.
    Favorite Book - The Bible
    Favorite movie - Facing the Giants
    Favorite food - Broccoli is my favorite food.
    Favorite color - Chartreuse is my favorite color.
    Saying you use the most - "If plan A doesn't work, you have 25 more alphabets to plan again. Don't give up!"