• 20-21 RSE TOTY

    Subject(s) taught - 4th Grade
    Years in profession - 7.5
    Years in Henry County Schools - 6.5
    Favorite memory/moment in career - "There are so many! I would have to say that a favorite moment is something I do in my class each year. I still have students from years past come to me and talk about it. It’s the taxation without representation lesson in which I tell students they will have to start paying taxes for things such as using the restroom, exiting and entering the classroom, etc. and they are paying these taxes to fund field trips for the middle school. Every year, my students start petitions and make posters for protests, and they even start writing their own Declaration of Independence without even realizing! It’s truly a beautiful thing and something they will always remember!"
    Fun Fact - "A fun fact about me is that I love classic muscle cars! I currently drive a Dodge Challenger and hope to one day own a classic that I can restore myself."
    Dream vacation - My dream vacation would be somewhere that has beautiful, sandy beaches and diverse cultures. I would love to visit India, Spain, or Israel.
    Favorite Book - Reading is a passion and hobby of mine so it’s hard to choose just one favorite book! One that sticks out is one I reread over the summer and that’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Classics are the best!
    Favorite movie - I would have to say Avatar.  This movie has a beautiful message of acceptance, family, and environmental health.
    Favorite food - Mexican food
    Favorite color - Blue and Black
    Saying you use the most - "4th graders start to go through changes socially where they are afraid to be themselves. So I always use the Dr. Seuss quote, Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"