• 20-21 PGE TOTY

    Subject(s) taught - 4th Grade 
    Years in profession - 18
    Years in Henry County Schools - 7
    Favorite memory/moment in career - "One morning I received an incredibly detailed and thoughtful letter of appreciation from the most unlikely of students. At the onset of the school year, this student absolutely hated school due to past experience. He was frequently written up and sent to the office for poor behavior. He protested that he knew he would have the same experience in my room and therefore declared he would cut up all year so he could at least entertain himself. He responded well to my teaching style and ended up being quite successful in many areas. He had a very tough exterior and showed very little emotion. This is the reason I was so moved he took the time out to express his esteem for my class in such a heartfelt way. This happened over ten years ago. When I think back, this is the teaching moment that sticks to my bones and gives me the greatest sense of pride and gratitude to be a teacher."
    Fun Fact - "The series Glee is my go-to binge watch streaming show and I will never get tired of watching it."
    Dream vacation - West African Land Excursion
    Favorite Book - Push by Sapphire
    Favorite movie - Forest Gump
    Favorite food - Sweet Potato Fries
    Favorite color - Yellow
    Saying you use the most - "Take your time and do your best. That's how you get YOUR personal A."