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    Please make sure your child is prepared for class everyday.


    Classwork: Students are provided time in the school day to work on assignments, which are due the same week.

    Assignments are due each Friday by 2:00 p.m. If your child has a missing assignment it will receive a grade of a zero.

    Missed assignments negatively affect your child's grades.

    Late work: As of Friday 10/2/20 at 3pm, I will no longer accept exceptionally late work. This is work later than 1 week- for example if the work is due 10/2/2020, I will accept it up until 10/9/2020 but after that  date your student will receive a grade of zero for their missing assignment(s)! 

    As stated before, work that is received late during the acceptance period will receive a grade penalty.

    Homework: The only homework to be assigned at this time are book reports and projects.



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    Please feel free to email or Classdojo me request and/or time for conferences.