•       I am so excited about this new year! 
         This is my 17th year of teaching.
         Growing up I had always wanted to be a teacher.  However, when I graduated high school I was convinced that the job market was not good for new teachers, so I continued my education with a bit of human services and business courses.  I wound up with a great job as an accounting manager and started to raise 3 children.  When my eldest graduated high school, I felt it was time for me to pursue my dream.  I attended Mercer University and earned my Bachelor's degree in 2005. I began my dream job at Ola Elementary and transferred to Timber Ridge the following year when it opened.  After a few years, I continued my education with Walden University and earned my Master's Degree in Education.  I love to learn and hope my enthusiasm for learning is reflected on my students. 
         I am married to a great guy, Don, who has put up with me for 39 years.  We have 3 grown children with whom we love to hang out as they have somehow acquired our sense of humor.  They keep me laughing...they are Cory, Matt, and Jackie.  Oh yes, I have two "granddogs" named Padme and Penelope.  Padme is a Jack Russell and very hyper!  Penelope is a...well, we don't know what, but she is very sweet.  We also have two cats, Orion and Kinten.  They are my babies and you will get to know them very well. 
         For pleasure (and competition), I play tennis at Richard Craig Park and at Rockdale Tennis Center.  I also love to read and, when I have the time, I do a bit of sewing, knitting, and crocheting. 
         I look forward to learning more about all of you this year!