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    Click HERE for activities to complete in the event your child is disconnected from their daily Google Meet session!


    Here are a few more activities that your child will enjoy!

    • List all the foods you can think of that you like (or don't like) to eat. 
    • List all the words you can make using the letters in your name. 
    • Draw a map of the furniture in your bedroom (living room, classroom, block...). 
    • List or name one object (piece of clothing, type of food, toy, game, animal...) that begins with each letter of the alphabet. 
    • List or name synonyms or antonyms for nice, (said, bad, mean, pretty and other simple descriptive words). 
    • Write or tell someone in your family what you would do if you found a dog ($100, a ring, a treasure map...). 
    • Represent the following numbers using tens and ones: 63, 13, 70, 54, 33, 87, 20, 41, 99, 103, 120 
    • Write or tell someone in your family "I feel happy (sad, angry, frustrated, curious...) when _____."