• Student Binders

    Weekly Newsletters- Pleave review the weekly newsletter placed inside the page protector. Here you will find important informaiton, dates, and the current week's spelling words.

    Behavior/Contact Log- Please review and sign your child's behavior log nightly. Students will record their color to indicate the day's behavior. Have students write down the title of a book that they read for 15-20 minutes that night. 

    Front Pocket– “Sign and Return” section that is designated for papers that need to be signed and returned as well as important flyers/updates.

    Back Pocket- “Keep at Home” section that is designated for papers that do not need to be returned to school and should be cleaned out daily or weekly. This will include practice work or graded papers that students may keep at home.

    Dividers: Students will need 3 dividers that are labeled:


    -ELA (for English/Language Arts)

    -Sci. / S.S. (for Science & Social Studies)

    This will be to store informational pages used for studying and should remain inside the notebook for reference.