• Please make sure your student is logged in to our Morning Meeting by 7:45am daily! To log in, he or she will go to our Google Classroom and click the Google Meet link at the top.


    Please click here for step-by-step directions on how to log back in if your student gets logged off of our Google Meet!

    Please click here for instructions on how to put in a work order for your child's Chromebook if he/she is experiencing issues! (i.e. camera/mic not working, computer or charger not working)

    The "Wait for Host" message on Google Meet can occur if your student tries to log on before a teacher. It will not refresh on its own, so they will need to refresh the page. It can also occur if they have slow internet. It should not last more than 5 minutes, but if it does, have them refresh the page. If your student is continually dropped from our Google Meet, please try to reset your router.