• If a student has a failing grade from Term 4 of the 19-20 school year for a course that is required for graduation, he or she may participate in unit/grade repair or credit recovery to pass the course. ELHS' Transition Academy deadline is April 20, 2021.


    Q: What do I do if I have a question about the coursework or an assessment in Edgenuity? 

    A: Use the Book link to schedule a time to discuss your question or concern with Dr. Prothro. If need be she will direct you to the appropriate person for your need. 

    Q: How will teachers communicate with me about my work?

    A: Teachers will send messages using Google Classroom and/or your school email account. (Accessing Office365: Student Guide)

    Q: What grade will I receive for the work I complete in Transition Academy?

    A: For students participating in Edgenuity, if the unit/course recovery grade is a 70 or higher, the transcript grade will be changed to reflect a 70. For students participating in teacher-created unit recovery activities, if the student earns a 70 or higher, their transcript grade will be changed to reflect a 70.

    Q: Will I have to take a Milestones assessment for my Transition Academy class?

    A: Possibly. If you are in Biology, US History, American Literature, or Algebra I for Transition Academy, YES, you may have to take the EOC for the course. 

    Q: What happens if I do not resolve the Incomplete?

    A:  The deadline has been extended for students who need to resolve a COVID Incomplete; the new ELHS deadline date is April 20th.  

    Q: How quickly will my transcript be updated?

    A: Please allow time for the change. The transcripts will be updated as soon as possible.  

    Q: May I opt-out of Transition Academy?

    A: On a case by case basis (by exception), a student can opt-out of a course while in the Transition Academy under the following circumstances: 

    o The opt-out course will not impact the student graduating on time with their cohort OR

    o The student has more than 3 courses with COVID incompletes that need to be made up, and the course the student doesn’t want to work to resolve will not impact the student graduating on time with the student’s cohort.

     For a student to opt-out, the following must occur: 

    o Student receives advisement with the graduation coach and school counselor AND

    o The student’s parent consents to the child not resolving the COVID incomplete and thereby receives the earned grade on January 2021 for the associated course. Consent must be given in writing. 

              ▪ Document parent conversation and consent in the parent contact log. 

              ▪ Have a parent/guardian sign the consent form and maintain a record in the counseling office. 


Last Modified on March 18, 2021