Google Classroom and Google Meets

  • For remote learning we are using some Google tools to conduct the regular school day.


    Google Classroom:

    The google class room is where you recieve assignments, submit finished work, and participate in other activities that don't involve you being face to face with anyone else. In order to gain access to the classroom you must get the Google Classroom code from your homeroom teacher. Every class in our school will have a different code. 

    How to join a Google Classroom

    Google Meet:

    Once you have joined your Google Classroom you will see a link for joining your specials class. When it is your time to go to specials, navigate to your Google Classroom and click the Google Meet link. If you are early there might not be anyone there yet. If the teacher isnt there then you won't be able to get in and you might get an error message. Email Mr Coto or your teacher if you are having trouble. 

    During our specials time I will teach a short lesson and then we will spend some time making art based on the lesson. Be sure to bring whatever supplies you might want to use to the Google Meet, you may miss something if you have to search your house for art supplies during the meet. For the majority of lessons we will only use common supplies like pencils, crayons, markers, paper, scissors and tape or glue. If you will need something other than the basics for the day I will let you know via Google Classroom before your class begins. 



  • Google Drawings


    If you havent tried Google Drawings yet you need to try it out. You can create cool drawings using shapes and lines. Sometimes I might ask you to create a drawing and submit it through our Google Classroom. Here are some tutorials to get you started: