• 08/22/2020

    Be sure to remind your learner to charge their device. I look forwad to seeing all of my learners in class tomorrow!



    Quick Q & A with Ms. Drummond TODAY Wednesday, August 19th @ 5!

    Click here at that time to join.




    Friendly Reminders & Updates

    1. Be sure to visit the tab labeled,"How to get started on your child’s device" and review the parent guide to student iPads video prior to Monday morning.
    2. Label composition notebooks as the following; Writing, Math, Warm-Up
    3. Be sure to have all supplies and materials set up and ready for class. Please have your learner ready to go by 8:25. Attendance will be taken for every class. Students need to be on time so they will not be counted as late.
    4. Students should have their name tag, the yellow one, (given in the black folder) out in front of them everyday. They can use this as a reference when we’re in class.
    5.  Students  should have all of their materials close by while in class. Pencils, black folder, Writing Journal, Math Journal, iPad, and headphones.
    6. Students should eat breakfast before coming to class. I will need their undivided attention once class starts. 


    How to login to Classlink

    Username: Student ID number (example: 123456)

    Password: First and last name initials, six digit birthdate, and # (example: bk090481#-if Beyonce was a student)


    When we start class on Monday, students will be able to access a google meet meeting via Google classroom. We will be starting class with Math. So please click the meet link in the Math classroom. Other classroom links will not work unless I am there. 


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