• First Grade

    3 - Composition books (no spirals, please)

    1 - Primary Journal (with a blank section at the top for drawing)

    1 - Hard pencil box 

    Six-packs of 8-count crayons

    2 - Bottles of hand sanitizer (at least ten oz., not soap)

    3 - Packs of Ticonderoga pencils (plain yellow)

    2 - Erasers (cap or Pink Pearl)

    10 - Glue sticks

    1 - Pair personal headphones

    1 - Pair of scissors

    2 - Packs of dry erase markers

    1 - Folders w/2 pockets

    2 - Packs of copy paper

    4 - Boxes of tissues

    Disinfecting wipes 

    Spill-proof water bottle

    Other Suggested Items:

    Baby wipes, paper towels, zip-top bags (snack/sandwich/quart/gallon), colored dry erase markers.

    Note: Please, label all your school supplies!

    Reminder: Provide a change of clothes as a backup.  Accidents do happen sometimes.  We want to be prepared.