• Have you watched the Open House videos and are still not sure what you need to do? 

    Check out the OMS Student Checklist for Remote Learning that Mrs. Reed prepared to help YOU be prepared for Remote Learning.  You can click on the link for a PDF version, or scroll down to see the contents of the Checklist. 

    There is also a great, 2 minute video by Ms. Smith (See the section in bright pink) to make sure you know how to sign in on Campus Portal (Infinite Campus) to be marked as present for attendance.  Be sure to check it out!


    OMS Student Checklist for Remote Learning



    Use this checklist as a guide to help manage your time and establish daily routines.

    Before you start your class schedule each day…


    • Do you have all of your supplies for your classes meeting that day?  
        • ChromeBook
        • Pen or Pencil
        • Paper 
    • Does your computer have enough power? If not, are you near a place you can plug it in?  
        • Remember to charge your ChromeBook every night. 
    • What does your workspace look and sound like?  
        • Make sure your workspace is free of clutter
        • Make sure your sitting is in an upright and alert position. 
    • In a location where there are limited additional noise distractions? 
      • Turned off or set any technology aside that could be a distraction such as  your phones, portable video games, tv shows, etc.


    When it’s time for you to start your class schedule each day… 

    • Have you signed into your class? 
      • Mondays & Wednesdays  – Sign-In  at the specific times for HR, IF, and your 3rd, 5th, 7th period classes
      • Tuesdays & Thursdays  – Sign-In  at the specific times for HR, IF, and your 2nd, 4th, 6th period classes
      • Fridays – Sign-In at the specific times for HR & IF and any small groups (if assigned) 
    • Do you know how to sign-in to Infinite Campus (Campus Portal) to be marked present for your classes? 
      • Use the following link for directions: CLICK HERE 


    • Go into your Google Classroom & Google Meets for each class. 
      • Each class, your teacher has information to share inside your Google Classroom.
      • Make sure you’re following along with your teacher 
      • While in your Google Meets class, keep your camera ON and your mic muted (unless you’re speaking to the class and teacher)  
    • Utilizing your 15 minute breaks between each class meeting 
      • Take a 10-15 minute movement break! 
      • Get a drink, grab a snack, go to the bathroom, etc. 
    •  Record the classwork and/or homework for each class.
      • Make sure to write down what work has to be done AND when it’s due 
      • Check your Google Classroom page to ensure you aren’t missing any updates you need to know for your classes that day. 
    • Lunch Break: Give yourself this hour to disconnect from school! 
      • Allow time to unplug from the computer and give your eyes a break
      • Get some fresh air
      • Eat some food, check in with your friends, and give yourself this time to take a breath

    When your school day is over…

    • Review and complete any homework that is assigned from your classes.
    • Check-in with teachers and email them any questions you may have. Teachers WANT to be in frequent communication with you, know how you are doing, and offer help. 
    • Meet one on one or in small groups with teachers (if previously scheduled).
    •  Be patient with yourself and your teachers. This is new to everyone, and we are all in this together. If you are struggling to find something, understand how to use something or aren’t clear on expectations let your teacher know. Everyone wants to support you and make this new way of learning enjoyable for all. You’ve got this!