• Description:
    The goal of this course is to provide all students with an introduction to the principles of Engineering & Technology (hereafter referred to as E&T) and its place in the modern world. This course will also help students to use technological systems effectively in their lives, thus providing a foundation for successfully integrating their own interests with potential careers with the resources of a technological society. Exploring E&T introduces and has the student work through an engineering design process while looking at technological impacts on society. Exploring E&T reinforces the areas of math, science, social studies, and language arts through practical application and / or hands-on activities. Exposure to E&T related careers, work ethics and leadership skills will be important components in this course.

    At the end of this course, students will understand how engineering & technology impact them and the world around them and careers available to them in the field.

    Georgia Performance Standards:
    • ENGR-EET-1: Students will examine the nature of engineering & technology.
    • ENGR-EET-2: Students will evaluate the impacts of engineering & technology on Society
    • ENGR-EET-3: Students will explain the engineering design process.
    • ENGR-EET-4: Students will demonstrate an understanding for a technological world through hands-on projects.
    • ENGR-EET-5: Students will analyze the designed world of engineering, electronics, manufacturing, and energy systems.
    • ENGR-EET-6: Students will examine and research careers in fields related to engineering & technology.
    • ENGR-EET-7: Students will develop leadership skills and work ethics.