• Department of Athletics

    The following ticket prices were approved by the HCBOE for the 2007-2008 school term and have remained the same price for all "regular season" games. GHSA Passes will be honored at all events. HCBOE employee passes are only valid for regular season games for admissions of the employee and one guest (employee must attend the event). HCBOE passes are not valid for tournaments, playoffs, or special events.
    Prices for tournaments, playoffs, and special events are subject to change. These prices are for all tickets sold at the gate to individuals school age (5) and up. Schools have the option of selling season ticket "packages" or advance student tickets at different prices.

    High School Ticket Prices
    Football   $7.00                                                                                             
    Basketball   $5.00
    Baseball   $5.00
    Volleyball   $5.00
    Softball   $5.00
    Wrestling   $5.00
    Soccer   $5.00
    Track   $5.00
    JV/9th Grade   $3.00
    Girl's Lacrosse   $5.00
    Girl's Gymnastics   $5.00
    If there are two (2) or more games (JV followed by a Varsity game), the price of admission will be the Varsity price.

    If the same team is playing multiple games on the same day at the same site, the ticket cost is $5.00. Examples: sub-varsity baseball double-headers and volleyball.

    Middle School Ticket Prices
    All middle school regular season events charge $4.00 at the gate. Tournaments & Playoffs  will have a $5.00 admission. Special events may have a different admission as well.