• 1. How is engineering adapting to being online

    The first few units for all classes can be taught seamlessly online. We will be going over topics such as Job Readiness, Matching Goals with Majors and Colleges, Safety Standards,  and an Overview of Engineering. After that, we are jumping into the Engineering Design Process. The first half shall be 3-d Design and modeling using online software on Google Chromebooks. By this point in the semester, the district will have determined if we are coming back or not. The engineering department on the state level will provide plans for the rest of the semester. My current plan if we are online is to do more design-based projects and jump into coding.

    2. Are there any required materials?

    Your students will need 2 composition notebooks. I suggest that they also get a 3 ring binder for note-taking, however, it is not required if they choose to take notes on their computer.

    3. What other expectations do you have for the students?

    I expect everyone to be on time every day. We will have at least one working assignment every single day. All assignments will be on the google classroom. Classes will be live in the google meet. Students are expected to take notes every single day during Direct Instructional time. On Fridays, I will post the recorded lectures for students to study from. I am expecting students to learn and have fun in my class. 

    4. What kind of assignments are you giving?

    Outside the normal homework, classwork, projects, and test, we will try some more virtual type assignments such as recorded flipgrid videos.

    5. What is happening with TSA?

    TSA is currently looking for methods to still hold competitions as safely as possible. I will keep all members and parents updated as much as possible.

    6. Is there a google classroom for my classes?

    I am working on getting google classrooms for Engineering Concepts and Engineering Applications as soon as possible. The google classroom for Foundations is up and running.

    7. Are you going to use Remind?

    No. Everyone is free to email me at any time.