Office Hours

School Office Hours

  • Daily Office Hours:

    Monday - Thursday 

     During student independent learning time which includes the last 30 minutes of each class period. 

      (e. g. 9:15-9:45, 10:50-11:20; 1:10-1:40; and 2:45-3:15)


    Availablity will be during specific class period time using the google meet link in the google classroom (top left). 

    1st period.....  8:15-9:05

    2nd period..... 9:10-10:00

    3rd period.....  Collaborative Planning

    4th period.....  11:00-11:50

    5th period.....  12:35-1:25

    6th period.....  1:30-2:20

    7th period.....  2:25-3:15