• As I stated in the "class introduction" video that was available during our (virtual) Open House, I will be using this page as a "back-up" location for information related to my classes - or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this page will be a "clearinghouse" for those details.  Check in here periodically to see if new information has been posted.


    Google Classroom Codes & Google Meet Links

    Upon reflection, it struck me that it would not be wise to take the Class Codes for my classes in Google Classroom and post them here.  After all, anyone can visit this site and, if I were to make the information available, anyone might be able, in turn, to gain access to the "classroom."  If you are in one of my classes, and, for whatever reason, you are not able to get back into the Google Classroom for your period, email me, and I will send the code to you directly.

    As far as the links to the Google Meet sessions are concerned - - the link for each period's class appears near the top of the "Stream" page for that period's Google Classroom site (just under the class name, the period, and the "class code").  If, for some reason, the link that is there is not working, open Google Meet in a separate tab and enter the "code" that appears after the last "slash" in the "Meet link."  (The code would be where the question marks are in this example:  meet.google.com/lookup/????????? )