•  Nurturing Gifted Children

    gifted Boy Sitting


    1)  Work on learning that is one year or more above your child's current grade level (apps, websites, workbooks)


    2)  Find opportunities to immerse your child in various cultural experiences (extensive traveling, going to culturally rich concerts or theater shows, partaking in new, interesting, different hobbies/activities) 


    3)  Talk to your child about an array of stimulating topics regularly, and encourage questioning


    4)  Nurture your child's interests (i.e. If your child is interested in art, allow him or her to take an art lesson outside of school, buy art books and have in-depth discussions about artists and works of art ((implement lots of questioning)), go to art museums, enroll in a clay sculpting and/or a painting class) 


    4)  Allow your child to explore (allow your child to put on plays, build things like intricate LEGO sets, take nature walks, bake with them, do crafts)


    5) Read appropriate books to your child that are at higher reading levels and allow them to read, read, read...any opportunity that they get


    6)  Start learning a different language and/or learning to play an instrument


    7) Set up playdates with other children that are highly gifted


    8)  Buy educational toys that stimulate the mind (from companies like Mindware)


    These are just some things that I personally feel are instrumental in helping gifted children continue to grow and prosper!