5th Grade Supply List

    Locust Grove Elementary 


    Individual Supplies

    1. PLANNER:  It is crucial that your child have an agenda to write down daily reflections, personal goals, and important dates!
    2. 5 TWO-POCKET FOLDERS:  This is the basic folder with a pocket on each side.   Decorative folders are fine! 
    3. 6 COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS:  Please note that these notebooks may become full during the year and may need to be replaced, so you may want to stock up with a few extra notebooks while they are on sale!  Decorative notebooks are fine!  Please label each notebook:  Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies & IF or Instructional Focus
    4. 2 ONE-INCH BINDERS: You can label one Writing and the other will be a goal binder.
    5. 2 PACKS OF TAB DIVIDERS:  We will be using them in our writing and goal binders.
    6. 1 PACK OF COLORING UTENSILS Any brand or type (markers, crayons etc.) is fine.  We will use these as we draw pictures in Science, Social Studies, Math, etc.
    7. 1 Pack of Index cards
    10. HIGHLIGHTERSAny colors are fine! 
    11.  PENCIL POUCHTo hold your child’s colored pencils, markers, scissors, highlighters, etc.
    12. BACKPACK:  No rolling bookbags with wheels are allowed.  
    13.  OPTIONAL: Pencil top erasers
    14. OPTIONAL: Pencil top erasers
    1. OPTIONAL: Hand held pencil sharpenerPlease buy the pencil sharpener that has a case to hold the shavings.


     The following supplies are NOT required but would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thank you!

    1. Kleenex (GREATLY needed!  We run out of these every year!)
    2. Any size Ziploc baggies
    3. Paper towels
    4. Hand sanitizer (no soap please)
    5. Band-Aids
    6. Additional #2 pencils