• Weekly Agenda

    Class: 8th Grade Math 

    Dates: Oct 5 - Oct 9 

    Materials you will need this week:

    1. Composition Notebook 
    2. Pencils 
    3. Calculator 
    4. Graph Paper 

    Standards addressed: 

     All Unit 1 Standards 

    MGSE8.G.1 (Experiment with transformations)

    MGSE8.G.2 (Congruence)


    I can translate, rotate, and reflect line segments, angles, parallel lines or geometric figures.

    I can explain the series of transformations used to transform a figure to its congruent counterpart.

    I can explain whether or not two figures are congruent using transformations.



    This week students will finish unit 1 by taking their unit 1 test. They will take this test on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be spent introducing unit 2 which is geometric transformations. The students will learn how to translate and rotate geometric figures on a coordinate plane. 

    You need to submit:

    HMH - Geometric Translations - Oct 2 - 5 

    Delta Math - Geometric Transformations - Oct 2 - 5 

    Possible Mini Quiz on Friday - 5 questions *depends on our progress during the instruction