Welcome to team 602!!

Open House Quick Links

  • In case you missed open house or need more clarity below will be links to our team video, app, FlipBook, and a list of basic supplies.


    Team Video:

    Welcome to 6th Grade


    Team APP:

    Team 602


    Team FlipBook:

    Informational FlipBook


    Team supply list:


    Two Pocket Folder

    Glue Sticks

    Disinfectant wipes                  

    Copy Paper (color or white)

    Hand Sanitizer                         


    Paper Towels                          

    Band aids                                 

    Liquid soap                             

    Pencils & Pens

    Crayons & Color Pencils  

    Copy Paper (color or white)       

    Dry Erase board markers

    ***Any other supplies not mentioned above that you would be willing to donate***