• Ms. Doss        

    Hello everyone! My name is Mrs. Josephine Doss and I am going to be your Physical Science teacher. I would like to welcome you to another exciting year ahead. 

    Despite 2022 being off to a challenging start, I hope that we can band together during these unfortunate times and strive to make this a fabulous, fun-filled, edifying and productive, but most importantly, an exemplary character-building experience; proving that fortitude can overcome any obstacle and that nothing can ever hinder growth.

    I am from India, an incredible country and have been teaching for the past 33 years, of which 13 have been here in the United States, with the last eight at Henry County’s High and Middle schools. I can honestly say that teaching has been not just my passion but my life. I graduated with a bachelor’s in education and a masters' in science. I have a daughter who also shares my passion for science and creativity and is currently a doctor. Ever since I was young, science has always been a fascination of mine and it has been a pleasure to share the interest in this study with countless young minds over the past three decades.

    Along with academics, I am a firm believer that fun and games is paramount to the healthy development of a young mind. I was a basketball player and track athlete in school and college myself. In my class, fun activities and creative learning are an integral part of my teaching. Currently, I host the international club which introduces scholars to the diverse cultures around our globe and also helps coordinate student science fairs. My goal is to create a nourishing atmosphere in which my students can feel free to be who they are while developing the necessary scholastic and life skills with respect, trust, motivation, discipline and team work.

    To me, parents are the child’s first teachers and teachers are their second parents. Therefore, coordinating with parents to ensure the progress of each scholar has always been my top priority. I prefer working with my students closely, getting to know them better, understanding their individual needs, which helps me pay close attention and cater to their specific requirements. Nothing gives me more joy than to see my budding jaguars grow up to reach their goals. 

    Looking forward to working with you,

    Mrs. Doss