Parent Tips For Success

    1. Have a conversation with your child and find out what they are learning daily. Allow them to tell you what areas are easy and which are challenging. This information will provide insight into what you all can practice more on at home.

    2. Make sure your child is reading for 20-30 minutes nightly. Students need to read aloud and silently. Reading skills are life long and needed in order to be successful. Ask your child questions about what they are reading to aid with comprehension. 

    3. Provide your child with a journal so that you can write back and forth to each other about topics of interest for your family. This provides them writing practice and is an opportunity for family bonding.

    4. Check grades in Infinite Campus each week. Sunday evening is my suggestion because all grades for the previous week have been entered. M=MISSING=0

    5. Remind your children of the importance of doing their homework. The work that I assign is directly related to what I am teaching in class. This practice is needed to achieve the standard successfully.

    6. Take time to practice math skills with your child. I place videos, anchor charts, tutorials, etc. on our Google Classroom page weekly. These items are left there for you and your child to look back at whenever you need to do so. 

    7. All students are given a TWO day cushion on assignments. This is there for emergency/unexpected situations and not meant to be used daily. What happens is that assignments build up and your child is unable to catch up. Homework is assigned nightly and should done nightly. Once the TWO day extension expires, I will not be able to go back in and change the grade. I will review the work for academic purposes only. Grading is a progessive act. Administration at Fairview supports the idea that teachers can't keep going back to previous assignments over and over to see if and when a child has decided to do the work. This hinders both the teacher and the child. Thanks for your understanding. 

    8. Parent communication is key. You can always reach me at 770-474-8265.