Extra! Extra! Read All About Ms. Drummond...

  • I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in the 6th grade! What I love most about my career is helping and watching students grow and develop educationally and socially from August to May. I received my Bachelors degree from Kennesaw State University in Early Childhood Education with a Reading Endorsement (Certified K-5). I taught Private Pre-K for five years and taught Kindergarten for six. I can't believe I'm currently in my 12th year of teaching! 

    A Few Fun Facts About Me:

    ♦I have 3 beautiful kids

    ♦I'm the oldest of three girls and all of our names start with "A"

    ♦My favorite colors are purple and green

    ♦I'm a Beyonce Fan (Yes, I'm apart of the hive:) Also the reason for our classroom theme; BEES and LEMONS)

    ♦My all time favorite show is A Different World (I literally know EVERY episode)

    ♦My favorite foods are Hot Wings, Thai, Jamaican, and Soul Food

    ♦My Favorite Drink is Dr. Pepper and I'm also a Starbucks lover

    ♦My 2nd home is Target (I can stay in target for hours)

    ♦Hobbies include but not limited to, going to concerts, watching reruns of my favorite classics, and creating!