• Remote Learning Resources

           As we transition from learning in person last spring to now doing all of our learning digitally, it is important for both teachers and students to have access to a plethora of resources that will be able to help them outside of class time. We at Hampton Middle have been working diligently in order to be able to provide quality resources for our students as well as for us as teachers to ensure that everyone is getting the best possible help with this transition and that ultimately nobody is left behind in this process. Below are some helpful links that students will be able to use that I would recommend using if they are struggling with any material in my science class and just need a little outside perspective.

           -  Khan academy website  (check for youtube videos from them as well)

           -  Your respective google classrooms

           -  Your peers! (never hurts to ask a friend for help!)

           -  Bozeman Science with Mr. Anderson (youtube link)

           -  Crash Course (youtube link)

           -  Study Jams

           -  Mr. Oyler! (Always willing to help or answer questions outside of class! tanner.oyler@henry.k12.ga.us)