• Mrs. Sanders’s Learning Expectations

    Log in on time

    Remain online for the duration of the class period.

    Complete and turn in all assignments on time.

    Participate in all live sessions.

    Adhere to the school's dress code policy.

    Refrain from using profanity.

    Send me an email if you have any questions regarding your grade or for a tutoring appointment.

    Please don't hesitate to ask questions -- they are always welcome


    Remote Learning Attendance Policy

    Google Forms will be utilized to take attendance for asynchronous work periods. Students need to check either the Google Meets chat or the Google classroom announcements to find the Google Form for attendance. Entries from the Google Form will be recorded in Infinite Campus. 


    Grading Policy

    • Tests/Essays/Projects: 40% of course average
    • Classwork/Homework/Quizzes: 40% of course average
    • Final: 20% of course grade each semester

    **Note this year Henry County Schools is on semester grading and Eagle’s Landing High School is following a block schedule. Each semester a student can earn 1 whole credit.