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    The ClassDojo app helps build communication between parents, teacher and the school community.  Teachers are able to share personal messages, class messages, pictures and even videos.  ClassDojo is a private and safe space for teachers to share your child’s school experience.  We are creating a positive school community so that we can encourage students to do and be their very best.

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  • New to ClassDojo?

    1. Download the ClassDojo app

    2. Open the and tap 'Parent' to creat a parent account

    3. Enter name, email & create a password

    4. Tap 'Add child (+)' and use the student code given to you by your child's teacher

  • Already have a Parent Account on ClassDojo?

    1. Open your ClassDojo app on your phone

    2. Log in as a Parent (if you aren't already). Ensure you are logged in as a Parent, not a Student or Teacher!

    3. Tap the Kids section/avatars at the bottom of the screen.

    4. 'Add child (+)', using the student code given to you from your child's teacher.

Last Modified on August 10, 2020