Q:  Will my child be counted absent if he/she does not log on for remote learning?

    A:  Yes!  Each teacher will be taking attendance throughout the day (Monday 

           Through Friday) as well as specials teachers.


    Q:  What actions will be taken if my child does not;  log on for remote learning, turn

           in assignments, or is not actively engaged in learning?

    A:  Presence and participation data will be used to trigger a referral to the school

           Cares Team.



    Q: How do I find important information such as free and reduced lunch forms?

    A:  This information is on the parent portal via Infinite Campus or you can get a 

           Hard copy at TES.



    Q:      What do I do if my child’s device becomes damaged?

    A:  You will put a work order in through our IncidentIQ system. This is accessed through Classlink by clicking on the red button labeled Incident IQ. See website for instructions. 

    Q:      Where do I go to answer any questions about my Chromebook or iPad?

    A:  The Tussahaw Website has links to resources to help you navigate through 



    Q: Will my student still receive support services?

    A: yes