Dear Parents and Students:


                Team 601 would like to welcome you to sixth grade at Ola Middle School.  We are thrilled to begin this new school year with you and your child.  We look forward to working with you and to provide your child with a fulfilling year of learning.

                The members of our team are dedicated and experienced teachers, committed to providing your child with a positive learning experience.  Our team consists of Mrs. Vaughn (Language Arts, Gifted Language Arts), Mrs. Tabitha Anderson (Math, Advanced Math), Mrs. Cynthia Carmack (Earth Science, Gifted Earth Science), Mr. Pat Devane (Social Studies/Gifted Social Studies),  Mrs. Sarah Nell Griffis (Math), Rebecca Lanham (Learning Specialist SCI and SS), and Margaret Peterson (Learning Specialist Math), and Javier Arcon (Paraprofessional science).  As your child’s teachers, we will provide a safe and inviting learning environment where your child will be challenged to do his or her best every day.  Our goal is to provide your child with the tools he/she needs to be successful in middle school and beyond.

                In order to ensure a successful year for all, it is vitally important that your child comes to virtual classes each day ready to learn.  Regular school attendance is a major indicator of student success - even in a remote learning environment.  The teachers on this team work diligently to provide exciting and meaningful learning experiences that require active student participation, so engagement is key.

                Again, we are looking forward to a terrific year with you and your child.  If you should have any questions at all, please email us at the links provided on our school webpages.   




    The Teachers of Team 601


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