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    Authentic experiences that students can make personal connections to make learning more effective, relevant, and memorable!

    Here are some activity ideas that can help you get started: 

    • Scavenger Hunts (live or digital)
    • See, Think, Wonder (What do you see? Why do you think the artist created this piece/What do you think this particular piece or phenomenon represents? What else are you wondering about the artist, piece, or concept?)
    • Historical Connections and Comparisons (research, explore, and compare aspects of various geographic, cultural, and scientific concepts)
    • Passion Projects & PSA's (explain and research personal interests to turn them into public service announcements with calls for action) 


    Take a look at some of the websites below to encourage your student to explore and create.  


    Google Arts & Culture


    Smithsonian Institution




    Science Phenomena Bank


    Discovery Education (*students should be able to access directly from their LaunchPad)