• Virtual bell schedule from 9/1 to 9/6 or TBA


    Greetings Ola High School Parents!

    My fervent desire in creating this page is to make finding things that could assist you in keeping up with what your child is doing easier for you.  You will still need to keep track of grades in IC, sign up for REMIND texts, and be able to assist them on whichever platform the student has to work on daily. This page is basically a go to for commonly asked questions as well as information to help you successfully assist your child. If there is anything that you do not see here that you may want to see please email me and let me know. Also feel free to email me about any school related concern dealing with your child and his/her grades and or conduct during remote learning.


    My email is : dcayson@henry.k12.ga.us 


    REMIND Codes per Period:

    1st period African American Studies:@2022aas

    2nd period U.S. History Co-Taught: @2022us2nd

    3rd period U.S. History : @2022us3rd

    4th period U.S. History : @2022us4th

    5th period U.S. History Co-Taught: @2022us5th

    6th period U.S. History :@2022us6th

    Remind is a site used to communicate upcoming assignments to students as well as test dates via text. Parents can sign up and receive same text as students.


    QUIA is a website that will be used for assignments. Please have students wait until class to start an account unless they already have one, and they will use that one. Quia




    1st Period: lo27w7r

    2nd Period: zaou77n

    3rd Period: 4rnrrau   

    4th Period: secmpyj

    5th Period: zxt6hi3

    6th Period: ikiqtyp