• The Class Rules Policies and Procedures as well as the Class Syllabus are located in our Google Classroom.  Please refer to your student's Google classroom.

    1.) Each day's assignments and tasks will be uploaded into Google Classroom prior to class start. 

    2.) Students are to log into Google Classroom to preview the day's agenda and access the Google Meet class link. Please log into class at least 5 minutes prior to our start time.

    3.) All assignments will be assigned and submitted in our Google classroom--unless otherwise directed because of the platform used.  For instance, all quizzes will be completed on quizizz.com and/or Illuminate, but will be available in our Google classroom.  All links will be provided in our Google classroom as usual.

    4.) Students are expected to work DAILY!!! Students are expected to check the Google classroom DAILY!!  You will be graded DAILY!!

    Be safe!  Use this time wisely!!