Rising 9th Grade Information

  • C/O 2025



    Who: The Counselors from Ola High School will meet with ALL Ola Middle School 8th Grade Students (including those registered for Advanced Academy)


    What: 9th Grade Registration/Advisement


    When: Friday, January 15th, 2021 (subject to change)


    Where: During the school day at Ola Middle School


    How to Prepare:

    • Review the OHS Registration Form: 20-21 OHS 9th Grade Registration Form  AND bring it with you on January 15.
      • The student must register for at least 7 courses (3 academic, 3 elective) to complete registration.
    • For Academic Courses: Mark the courses requested by checking the box. 
      • Courses with an * indicate Teacher Approval Required.
      • Entrance into the Analytical Geometry class is dependent upon completion of 8th Grade Coordinate Algebra class and a passing score on the EOCT. 
      • A signed parent consent form is required for placement in any Honors/AP course.
    • For Elective Courses: Rank each choice by selecting 6 options For example, place “1” for first choice, “2” for second choice, etc.
      • The elective requests will be based on ranking and “space available.”



    For more information on academic or elective course descriptions, please


    for the high school advisement guide.



    The final deadline for ANY schedule changes at OHS is March 26th, 2021, therefore students need to return completed registration forms to OMS by March 19th, 2021


    Instructions for making changes on the registration form:

    1. If your child was recommended for an honors class but does not want to take the class, mark through the class, circle the appropriate class, and initial all changes.
    2. If your child wants to change an elective class, mark through the class, circle the appropriate class, and initial all changes.
    3. If your child was not recommended for an honors class, but wants to take an honors class, mark through the class, circle the appropriate honors or AP class. Parent must also sign the seperate Parent Consent Form for AP/Honors classes (AP/Honors Forms will be sent home).


    Other Important Events

    Attend Ola High Show Case: January 28th, 2021

    Must attend one of the registration meetings on February 1st or 2nd (SIGN-UP ONLINE TO REGISTER)


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