•  Grading Policy

    Practice Work

    Assessment Tasks

    Semester Summative Assessment Tasks

    Class work, homework, formative assessments, diagnostic assessments, written reflections.
    May be graded for accuracy or completion.

    Such as constructed response assessments, selected response assessments, reflective assessments, summative unit assessments, culminating performance tasks, projects

    Assesses the totality of standards for the course.  In the case of a high school course with an End of Course (EOC) Test, the semester summative assessment will be the EOC at the completion of the full course.

    Counts 40% of the grade.

    Counts 40% of the grade.

    Counts 20% of the grade.

    Students wil receive at least one grade each subject each week and they will be entered into Infinite Campus.  

    Grading Scales:

    Below 70=F

    Conduct Grades:

    S-Satisfactory     N-Needs Improvement     U-Unsatisfactory


    Grade Reporting:

    • Grades will be updated weekly and are available for review in Infinite Campus.
    • Progress Reports are made available every 4 1/2 weeks will be available through Infinite Campus.
    • Grades will be final at the end of each semester.  
    • An email will be sent to parents/legal guardians of students who are not showing an appropriate progression towards the master of standards and/or are in danger of failing a course.



    For Social Studies, homework will be work that is a continuation of classwork. There will not be separate Homework assignments. All "homework" will be to provide opportunities for students to refine and extend their knowledge of content taught throughout the school year.


    Make-Up Work

    Students are responsible for any missed assignments on the first day they return to school from an absence. The number of days allowed to complete make-up work will be the number of days absent, if your child missings 2 days of school, they have 2 days to make up the work.  Failure to comply with this procedure will result in a grade of zero (0) being given for graded assignments missed during an absence.

    Absences due to suspension from school are considered unexcused.  Students assigned out of school suspension (OSS) will be allowed to make-up work upon return to school.  The number of days to complete make-up work is commensurate to the number of days of OSS (i.e. 3 days of Out of School Suspension=3 days to make up work missed). 


    Click HERE to view the full Henry County Policy on grading.