Are you a good digital citizen?



          5 Tips For Good Digital Citizenship:

             1. Remember the Golden Rule.....

             2. Keep private information private...

             3. Think about the future...

             4. Be mindful of your "Brand"...

             5. Be yourself...     

             *We will discuss these tips in-depth.


    Other Behaviors to Develop While Online:

             -Address adults and your peers in a respectful manner.

             -Avoid using all uppercase letters on online threads (such is equivalent to shouting).

             -Respect yourself and others.

             -Be forgiving and show grace.

             -Unblock your camera when engaging in Google Meet sessions.

             -Maintain proper etiquette.

              -Remain formal while online. Avoid informal language. No code-switching.

             -Communicate properly; grammar and spelling matter; do not type as if you’re texting or speaking to your friends.

             -Do not type extraneous messages or comments on online threads/Ensure that all comments pertain to the lesson.

             -Do not post or share (even privately) inappropriate material. 

            -Continuously self-develop.

    -Put forth your best effort.

             -Be conscientious about the neatness of your work.

             -Display good character.

             -Have integrity.

             -Be reflective.

             -Remain organized.

             -Recycle a positive attitude.

              -Study without being nudged.

             -Develop grit; be tenacious; DO NOT give up; PUSH THROUGH!

             -Be kind and gentle with yourself.

            -Be present and focused; remain open-minded (sometimes technology isn't reliable, make adjustments); place kindness on your schedule regularly. 

    *This list is not exhaustive.