Dolphin Nation

    Dear Students,

                    Welcome to  an Extraordinary year! I want to take the time to welcome each of you to my 5th grade class.  It is my pleasure to get to know you and work with you this year.  We are going to have a Great School Year!  You are going to learn so much and grow. My expectation is for you to become role models for all the students at Wesley Lakes Elementary.  They will be looking up to you, and I am confident that you will lead them in the right direction.

          We will have a high quality learning environment. Every Day Is A Great Day To Learn Something New!  You will be challenged to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, presenters, leaders, and life-long learners!

    I promise to support you, help you, teach you, challenge you, and watch you grow!  Together, we will get through this year and be successful when adversity comes. Success Is The Only Option!




    Mrs. Walker

    5th Grade Teacher