• Welcome to System 44!

    Course Syllabus

    Instructor:  Mrs. Bullington

    Email:  lisa.bullington@henry.k12.ga.us

    Class website link-https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/98339




    Class Description

    System 44 is a reading class that utilizes whole-class and small-group teaching, as well as individual reading and computer-based lessons.  Students are each individually categorized into individual lessons, which are self-paced. 


    The System 44 classroom is equipped with computers, leveled reading materials, and a framework for reinforcing reading strategies.  System 44 is a structured program, which begins with 20 minutes of instructional software participation, then breaks into 3 rotations of 20-25 minutes each for small group instruction, instructional software, and independent reading.  System 44 provides intensive phonics and decoding instruction for students who have gaps in their ability to make the connections between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds those letters represent.  These gaps must be closed in order for these students to be able to make progress in all of their classes.


     Attendance- In order to become a stronger reader, you need to be in class, on time every day.  If you are late to class, you must get a tardy slip from the tardy kiosk.  You will not be allowed in class without a pass from the tardy kiosk. 


    ELHS Tardy Policy

    Tardy 1 and 2- Verbal Warning by teacher

    Tardy 3- Teacher will make a phone call to parent/guardian

    Tardy 4 and 5- Lunch detention with an administrator

    Tardy 6- Parent Conference with administrator

    Tardy 7- Office Referral



    Students should bring needed materials to class every day.



                   Loose-leaf paper


                   Charged Chromebook




                   System 44 Software


                   44 Book

                   Decodable Digest

                   System 44 Library Books

                   System 44 Audiobooks 




    * Students will learn about themselves as readers, writers, and learners;

    * Students will develop and apply comprehension strategies;

    * Students will integrate grammar, usage, and mechanics within the context of writing;

    * Students will apply reading strategies appropriate to an academic course;

    * Students will develop the confidence necessary to succeed on tests;

    * Students will discover how to become focused life-long learners.



    Graded Course Components


    Class Participation/Classwork

    40% of the student's grade will come from classwork


    Independent Reading  Quizzes

    40% of the student's grade is earned based on the student's performance on the Independent Reading Quizzes.  The quizzes are based on the System 44 library books the students read each week.  Students will take quizzes when they have successfully read a book. If a student does not pass a quiz, they will have the opportunity to reread the book and retake the quiz. 


    Final Exam

    20% of the student’s grade is earned by their final exam.At the end of the semester, the students will take a final exam based on the material they were taught in System 44 lessons.  



    Other Information

     Classroom Rules/Expectations:

    1. Be respectful toward teacher and classmates at all times.
    2. Use appropriate language. 
    3. Always be prepared with your supplies, homework, assignments, etc. 
    4. Use computers to complete required assignments ONLY.
    5. Follow expectations as stated in the Hopewell High School handbook. 


    Student Responsibilities:

    1. Attend class on time, every day.
    2. Turn in homework and assignments on time
    3. Ask for and complete make-up the work.
    4. Always bring a positive attitude; every class period is a new beginning.
    5. Always practice your English speaking skills.