• Dear System 44

    Parent or Guardian:

     This year, your student is enrolled in a program called System 44, a program that has been designed for students that are reading at a basic or below-basic level. This program will help your students grow to become fluent readers and find more success in all of their classes. Each day in System 44, your student will receive instruction from the teacher, as well as through adaptive Software and time spent reading independently. Through this program, your students will practice foundational reading skills.  Each day, System 44 students work on becoming fluent, confident readers through:


    Intensive, individualized instruction and skills practice on the Software

    Computer-based assessments that measure and monitor student progress 

    Age-appropriate, leveled Paperbacks and Audiobooks about topics students love

    Engaging connected texts and activities that reinforce skills from the software and teacher-led instruction.  


    When students learn to decode with fluency and accuracy, they can concentrate on the meaning of words and texts.  And when students comprehend more, they learn more.  We are excited to partner with you to ensure that your student becomes a better reader and enjoys a successful school year. 



    Mrs. Bullington

    System 44 Teacher

    Email: lisa.bullington@henry.k12.ga.us