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  • Important Ipad Info

    *Please visit the media center tech page for help with ipad problems.

    *WIFI: Please connect your device to the WIFI where your student is going to be working remotely. 

    *How to make a split screen during Google Meet.



  • Google Classroom

    Follow these steps when logging in for the first time on your student's ipad.

    1) click the google classroom icon (this looks like a chalkboard)

    2) Enter your student's email. This will be their student number (found on the back of the ipad) followed by  Example

    3) Enter your student's password. This will be their first initial last initial 6 digit birthday # (found on the back of the ipad) Example, if by birthday was Jan 1, 2001 my password would be kc010101#

    4) CLick the checkbox that remembers your student's login information. 

    The classroom may take a while to load. If it doesn't load within 10 minutes, close out of the app by double clicking and swiping up. Then try to log in again. 

    5) Your student will be automatically added into 4 of the classes. The will have to het join on the class that says "Mrs. Coonce's Homeroom". This is the classroom that they will need to log into every morning at 7:45. They will click the camera button in the top right hand side (once they click the homeroom class) to join the class on google meets. 


    Click the link to view a parent tutorial for parents on youtube: Google Classroom Help for Parents



  •  Logo
  • STEP 1: Click the seesaw app on the iPad

    STEP 2: Help Your Child Log In to Seesaw

    Click ‘I’m a Student’

    Log in as directed by your student’s teacher or school: You will receive an email from me with your student's login information

    STEP 2: Learn how to use Seesaw: Tour the Class App 



    Your login information will be emailed to you.





  • Infinite Campus

    Click the Infinite Campus icon for more information.