• Here are some websites about gifted learners as well as activities they can engage in!


    Gifted And Talented.com helps to personalized learning includes adaptive technology, immediate progress assessments, and expert tutoring. This unique combination of innovative technology, feedback, and dedicated tutoring has been proven to dramatically accelerate our students to become some of the world's most advanced learners



    Mensa: If you are looking for something fun for students to do, check out the games at the American Mensa website. It offers fun and challenging games that are updated either daily or on a weekly basis. Kids can also play previous games as well. Students need to do activities just for fun and not always for an academic purpose. If you need to find your child something to do, take a visit to this website; there is definitely enough here to keep them not only busy, but challenged as well.



    Twice Gifted: Students that are gifted and talented may also have special needs as well. Twice Gifted is a website devoted to students that are not only gifted, but may have a learning disability or various other disabilities. The site provides a wealth of information for parents and teachers such as strategies, characteristics of those students, and also links to other resources. There is also a page called "Famous Faces" that features noteworthy people who have disabilities. Leaning that Thomas Edison's teachers told him that he was too stupid to learn anything, for example, could be motivational or inspiring to a student.



    Extreme Intellectprovides ProProfs Brain Games has a number of enriching games that provide great recreation options for gifted and talented students. The range of games on this site include puzzles, logic games, suduko, word games, and brain teasers. The content here offers wonderful ways to help your student pass time, which makes it one of the best websites for gifted and talented education, printable worksheets, games, links, and many other resources for students for many subjects and grade levels. This website has a lot of information. It's great to use for extension activities in order to keep gifted and talented students busy and challenged as well. People love it because it covers many different subjects and, along with the core subjects, there are also activities in the areas of music, art, and six different foreign languages.



    ProProfs Brain Games:




    Hoagies' Gifted Education Page: This website, with links for parents, teachers, and students, provides games, homework help, and links for additional resources for parents and educators. A unique thing about this website is that it is also a community. There are links to different mailing lists, message boards, and blogs, as well as information about gifted conferences. This is a very inclusive website.