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    Adapted Sports Program:
    The Adapted Sports Program is a member of the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs (AAASP). This program serves students in grades 1 - 12 who have an orthopedic impairment as defined under federal law (IDEA). Students who are fully mainstreamed, partially mainstreamed, or attending special education classes and whose primary disability is physical or visual are eligible to participate. Students who are mainstreamed must adhere to AAASP's no pass/no play policy, adopted from the GHSA. Special education students must adhere to their IEP goals. Students who register must have the maturity and ability to understand strategy and to apply standards employed for their safety. From time to time, a student's involvement may be found to be inappropriate if he/she lacks the ability to benefit from the program or if there are safety concerns.  As a point of clarification, AAASP athletes are NOT eligible for Special Olympics. The two organizations target different populations. AAASP serves students with physical disabilities or visual impairments, while Special Olympics serves people with intellectual disabilities.

    Henry Hurricanes:
    *All participants use wheelchairs (provided) for practice and competition but this does not mean their 
     disability requires them to use a wheelchair.
    The Henry Hurricanes participate in the following sports:
    Fall - Wheelchair Handball (soccer)
    Winter - Wheelchair Basketball
    Spring - Wheelchair Football
    ** high school students may participate in Wheelchair Track & Field with their high school team
    The Henry Hurricanes' inaugural season was 2007-2008 and the team participated in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair football. The Hurricanes competed in the Junior Varsity (JV) division and won their first ever State Championship in Wheelchair Basketball. We added Wheelchair Handball during the 2008-2009 school year and repeated as State Champions for Wheelchair Basketball in 2008-2009. We look forward to expanding our teams to include JV and Varsity teams for each sport.
    The Hurricanes are led by:
    Coordinator: Kevin Bagley          770-288-3222 or kevin.bagley@henry.k12.ga.us
    Head Coach: Harlon Matthews   404-308-2414 or hmatthews@co.henry.ga.us
    Asst. Coach: Skip Chapman       

    American Association of Adapted Sports Programs:
    To find out more about AAASP, please visit their website: