• Mrs. King’s Virtual Learning Expectations


    Give Mrs. King an air hug each morning!

     Be on time!  Attendance is taken at 7:45.

    Be dressed appropriately. Eat breakfast before signing on.

     Mute yourself when signing into our meetings and turn on the camera.


     Be ready to focus on class.  No other distractions are allowed.  No other websites turned on during the school day.  You are not allowed to play games on your computer during school hours.  You should be engaged in learning.

     During Mrs. King’s small group time, all other students should be doing their personal work.  This is not free time to anyone.

     Create a place you can be comfortable with no distractions.  Try to keep your computer plugged up at all times if possible.

     Keep your supplies and materials organized and ready to use.

    You don’t want to have to leave class to look for them.

     Remember, Mrs. King’s learning environment is loving and safe for all.

     Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe!