Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Malaika Syphertt

Welcome scholars and parents/guardians! My name is Dr. Malaika Syphertt. I am a proud native New Yorker that spent my summers in South Carolina. My love for education started at an early age. According to my mother, my passion for teaching began as a child. I often had a blackboard set up teaching my dolls and stuffed animals. I always had a book in my hand, and often escaped to far away lands and boundless possibilities through the fascinating words that jumped off the pages. Now I travel to the far away lands I read about. The fact that teaching is my only profession is not surprising at all. I attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut and studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa. I graduated with honors in American Studies and Cultural Anthropology and returned to Ghana before starting graduate school in New York City. I started teaching Secondary Social Studies and English/Language Arts right after college and received my masters in Secondary Education from Pace University. Later, I received a doctorate in Curriculum Development and Administration from Aspen University. I'm honored that I've had the pleasure of teaching all types of scholars. They always recognize me wherever I am due to my unique voice. My love for teaching and developing inter-personal relationships with scholars continues to grow year after year. I hope that you are excited as much as I am about the journey that we will embark on together this year in 8th Grade ELA/Gifted ELA!