Glancing at 2nd Grade like...

  • What will our student be learning this year?

    The first nine weeks...


    • Understand the roles of authors and illustrator
    • Understand  how illustrations support text
    • Understand author reasoning
    • Compare and contrast two text based on the same topic
    • Ask questions to understand key details in a text
    • Understand overall story structure by providing details on the beginning, middle, and end
    • Writing narrative text (be able to recount events with details)
    • Improve writing structure and conventions


    • Solving word problems within 20
    • Solving addition within 100
    • Understanding place value (one, tens, hundreds...)
    • Count, read, and write numbers to 1000

    Social Studies

    • Understand how to use letter/number grids on a map
    • Compare and contrast different features on a map
    • How to use a map key/legend
    • Being able to contrast charts and tables
    • Being able tp locate and compare major topographical features of Georgia (our regions and rivers)
    • Being able to use a compass rose and understand cardinal directions


    • Understanding Matter
    • Describing and classifying different objects based on their physical properties
    • Construct explanations on how cube/block structures can be assembled and dissembled to make new and different structures
    • Observe and report changes in matter by heating and cooling and object