Algebra 2

Algebra 2

  • Algebra 2 Syllabus

    I will update Google Classroom daily with the instructions on assignments, tests, videos, and my availability.

    Each student is asked to join Remind by texting to 81010, message for each period is below

    Honors Algebra 2  @7ffhge4

    Regular Algebra 2   @23698fa2

    Google classroom links are as follows:

    Honors Algebra 2 Block 2 6d3uxjp

    Honors Algebra 2 Block 4 4bh7muu

    Regular Algebra 2 Block 1 uqwizlf

     Instructions to Access HMH

    1. Open your student launchpad on your chromebook
    2. Open “Student District Resources”
    3. Click on “High School Core Content”
    4. Make sure you have “Mathematics” selected from the dropdown menu
    5. Click “Assignments”


    Students should check Google Classroom and HMH daily


    Required materials for my class:

    Pencil, paper, chromebook